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“teens should be able to buy violent video games”

October 26, 2011 by alexis98 · No Comments · Uncategorized

20. Should teens be able to buy violent video games?

Teens should be able to buy violent video games. A major concern about violent video games comes from the innocence of a child. The media easily influences children and teenagers. Kids dream of becoming professional athletes from watching their favorite sports stars on TV.  Yet there is no concern that they could get seriously hurt from having the dream to be an athlete. In fact, most youth are encouraged to go out and play, and practice to get what they want, but games stop children from perusing their dream if its sports or something ealse.

Parents think that their kids turn violent if they play video games but thats not true. I play video games myself and am not a violent person.I understand that violence is wrong but video games give you the chance to be violent without being violent. Stores shouldn’t put restrictions on games because if they do that makes the children want it more. Even with the game restrictions the children find a way to buy the game of their choosing, even if its telling their parents or looking for someone older to buy it for them.

Another concern for games like call of duty or alien vs predator is their setup. These games are first person. The player sees through the eyes of the  of their character, seeing only their own weapon and whatever is in front of them. The games are violent and have a lot of killings in them. The player sees the actions of the character and remembers them. most violent kids are that way because they were introduced to video games.

It is true that there are some children that could be more prone to violence than others. Our nations youth plays, on average, four to five hours of video games a week including me. According to Van Horn , there are also the extreme cases of kids playing up to twice that number a day. These kids are probably much more prone to act out what they see but not all kids act this way. Is this really the fault of the video game? I am sure there are statistics that state that a child who is involved in any single activity for eight to ten hours a day will be adversely influenced by it if they don’t have anything else going on in their lives.

In conclusion, if you feel that video games are a problem for you or your children remember that violent games aren’t dangerous if you know how to keep your child controlled. An example of control can be limiting the use of video games on your children.

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